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MISUZU INDUSTRY has delivered about 3000 oiling systems which supply lubricant, shaft seal oil, and control oil for large machines used in petrochemical, power generation and cement plants and iron-making and paper-making plants, such as compressors, turbines, pumps, mills and kilns.

API 614 oiling system
SO system for gas compressor
Oil reservoir capacity:800L
Pump flow rate and pressure:105m3/min~11.4Mpa
Oil cooler area:12m2iAESj
API 614 oiling system
LO/SO system for gas compressor
Oil reservoir capacity:20.8m3
Pump flow rate and pressure:105m3/h~1.5Mpa
Oil cooler area:64m2iAESj
API 614 oiling system
LO/SO/CO system for gas compressor
Oil reservoir capacity:25m3
Pump flow rate:79.8m3/h
Oil cooler area:118m2iAESj
API 614 oiling system
LO/CO system for gas compressor
Oil reservoir capacity:17.3m3
Pump flow rate:120m3/h
Oil cooler area:56m2iAEWj
Auxiliary package system for gas turbine
This system is installed near a lager gas turbine.
It includes modules for lubricant, control oil and fuel oil as well as water washing and starter modules.
Oiling system for nuclear power plants
This system supplies oil to lubricate the bearings of large fans and pumps or control movable vanes which are used in a nuclear power plant.The system is subjected to rigorous inspection before shipment.
Control oil supply system
This system supplies clean control oil to a steam turbine in a large power generation plant. It is specially designed for quiet operation.
Lubricant supply system for gas turbine
This system supplies lubricating oil to a gas turbine.
It incorporates means against noise and vibration.

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